Reminiscing about Lila

Reading with Great GrandsEveryone in "the Fishpond" has memories of Lila reading stories to the youngsters.

From Carol and Rob sitting sitting with Lila in a big green easy chair back in the 1950's, to Vince and Ellie sitting with "Grandma Lila" shortly before she passed away, part of Lila's legacy is the joy of reading she helped foster in her kids, grandkids, and "great-grands."

This portion of the web site is for stories and anecdotes involving Lila - where we'll be reading about her instead of having her read to us. Seems fitting, doesn't it?

The Writing on the Wall From Rob Fish, Lila's son
I don't actually remember this, but I've heard mom tell the story so many times it has become very real to me.

It seems mom walked into my bedroom one day when I was about 4 or 5 years old and discovered that someone had written the word "Rob" on my bedroom wall. Despite my vigorous and repeated denial of having anything to do with the graffiti, mom decided I was the responsible person.

The punishment mom meted out was to have me wash the word off the wall. So, as I've heard many times, mom gave me a bucket of water, a sponge, and instructions to keep washing the wall until the word was completely gone.

The "Lila Fish" touch to the story is mom didn't put any soap in the bucket. As mom would delightedly tell you, she had me wash the wall with plain water, which made removing the word take a ton of time and effort, and insured that I would never again get caught writing on a wall.

Sticker Fun From Rob Fish, Lila's Son
I remember a practical joke mom played on one of mom and dad's friends back in the 60's. Their friend had just bought a Volkswagon bug. The beetle was his pride and joy, washed and vacuumed almost daily.

One morning, the friend came out of his house to find every glass surface on his car covered with decorative stickers.

The friend was not amused.

Mom thought it was hilarious, as do I.

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